Current Promotions

RS Technical Services, Inc. (RSTS) has entered into a marketing campaign where a promotion has been offered.  The terms and conditions of this promotion are contained below:


  1.  The terms support agreement, managed services agreement, maintenance agreement or service agreement all refer to an "agreement" to support, service or otherwise maintain your corporate IT infrastructure.
  2. If you sign a one year support and maintenance agreement with RS Technical Services you will receive a gift certificate valued at $400.00 (four hundred dollars) toward the purchase of the products listed in the advertisement or the direct mail piece.  You must specify which promotion you want.  You will receive your gift certificate within 60 to 90 days of a signed agreement.  You must adhere to all of the terms and conditions in the support agreement and it must remain in full effect and good standing throughout the agreement period.  This promotion is valid until September 30, 2015 meaning that you must enter into and have a valid support agreement in place by that date.  There are no substitutions.  Offer valid on new client agreements only.  Not to be combined with any other offer.  Not valid with existing contracts or support agreements. All Payment terms for the support agreement must be adhered to or the offer/promotion is invalidated.  If you have already receive the promotion and the terms of the support or maintenance agreement have not been met than all costs for the promotion will be added to any outstanding invoices that you have with RSTS. 
  3. Your eligibility to receive this offer is governed by the following;
  4. You must be eighteen (18) years of age of older.
  5. You must be able to legally enter into a binding agreement between your company and RSTS.
  6. You must be able to designate yourself, some other person in your company or the company itself to receive this promotion.
  7. If the promotion is designated to an individual that person may be asked to supply identifying information so that RSTS may supply an IRS 1099 form.
  8. Availability of product(s) is with the manufacturer and not RSTS. If the product in question is not available at the time of this promotion then RSTS reserves the right to substitute the offer or product with a similar item of the same value.  RSTS assumes no liability what so ever for your acceptance and use of the promotional product.  All issues, or warranty claims with the promotional product are with the manufacturer and not with RSTS.  RSTS is not responsible for any issues on any products provided to you in this promotion.
  9. This promotion only covers the cost of the items and does not include any other charges such as freight, shpping, sales or other taxes.
  10. This offer is valid in the state of New Jersey only.