New Company Announcement

January 1, 2016 - RSTS is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Networking and client assets by Decker Wright Corporation of Red Bank, NJ. DeckerWright has been providing technology solutions since 1987 and will continue to provide the high quality support that you have come to expect from RS Technical Services, Inc.   You can contact the DeckerWright team by calling (732) 747-9373 or click on the logo image below.

A message from Robert Schwartz

"Change" in this industry is standard operating procedure and built into the technology DNA.  Being in this industry for as long as I have, going back to the mid 70's I have seen the evolution and progression of technology at an unbelievable pace.  Having worked for some of the most technology advanced companies and research facilities on the planet I have decided to take a breath and step back to view the world a little differently.  “Change” like an arriving train, is there to move you forward.  If you do not board the train you will be left behind.  

RS Technical Services, Inc. will continue to provide consulting services to the industry with design, engineering and project management services.  Networking, Server and Desktop support will be provided by DeckerWright.


As we go through this transition this web site will change as well.  Some services listed on this web site will be provided by and through DeckerWright Corporation.  These changes are in the process of being implemented on this site as well.  Please visit often or call 732-792-0707.  Thank you for your continued support.


Robert Schwartz

President and CEO

RS Technical Services, Inc.